The Back to School Diet! Time to Lose weight

This time of year is always very motivating for me, because as the kids return to school I realize that I only have about 2 months before the “festival of eating” season is upon us… there is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and in my case, my Birthday each month there is something… then Easter, Valentines, and more… It seems like the Summer (which is when I decided to take “off from worrying about my weight”) is the only Holiday Free section of the year.

Now think about what I’ve said…  and it if you’re like me, and you sort of dread the upcoming FOOD YEAR because of the FOOD Holiday’s then there is another way to go about it this year.  There is another way to get healthy… it’s The Back to School Diet.

I call it a diet, but it’s really just a shift in thinking.  You see, the more you worry about what you’re eating and gainingThe Body You Deserve coaching with Tony Robbins way… the more attention you put into what you’re going to eat on a given day and how that will RUIN your weight loss… is more and more attention on eating.  There are other things that are more valuable to pay attention to… then what not to eat… and how you have to give up what you like… and how you have to plan so much and in the end how much you “hate” dieting.  AND that is concentrating on the end result. Concentrating on your powerful decision every moment, moment by moment to make healthy choices and to let yourself have those moments of deliciousness  without guilt and stress.

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Ask yourself.  Is what you’re doing (and have been doing for the last 10 years) working?  Truly, are you able to lose the weight you want to lose and maintain that weight loss?  If your answer is no, then you need to stop doing it the same way and try a new method.

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go to and start your back to school “diet”

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